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MSc Economics at Tilburg University voted best of its kind in NL

For the Beste Studies 2018 survey, weekly newspaper Elsevier has compared 2,181 programs in Dutch higher education (research universities and universities of applied sciences). The Beste Studies ranking is largely based on assessments by students of their program in the National Student Survey (NSE 2018). These assessments were supplemented with practical information, such as student population and academic success rates.

The MSc Economics at Tilburg University, which I am involved in, came out on top of all MSc Economics programs in the country this year.

Rank University Score (satisfaction %)
1 Tilburg University
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
3 University of Groningen 71
4 Maastricht University
Radboud University
Erasmus University*
7 University of Amsterdam 61
* Erasmus University’s program is accredited as Economics and Business, therefore it is officially not a part of this ranking.

This result is especially satisfying because last year our score was 69. It is good to read that the combination of a high-quality program with a very international classroom (and heterogeneous student experiences) and a distinct customer/student-orientation are acknowledged.

Now, back to work …



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