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TILEC on “Shaping competition policy in the era of digitization”

A team of researchers at TILEC, the Tilburg Law and Economics Center, has submitted a contribution responding to a call issued by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Competition (DG COMP) on on “Shaping competition policy in the era of digitization.” The call elicits contributions from interested stakeholders that can inform the discussion at a conference DG COMP organizes in January of 2019.

According to DG COMP, the conference is “designed to provide input to the Commission’s ongoing reflection process about how competition policy can best serve European consumers in a fast-changing world. The conference may also help to identify problems and solutions as markets go through rapid changes. The objective is to identify the key upcoming digital challenges and their implications for competition policy.”

TILEC’s contribution revolves around the three panels that will be featured at the conference: (1) competition, data, privacy and AI, (2) digital platforms’ market power, (3) preserving digital innovation through competition policy. It summarizes recent research undertaken by TILEC researchers in these fields and derives implications for competition policy.




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